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"Configuration Consulting"

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BookPool (Major publisher of "computer" Books)

Bookstore(Certification Self Study MCSE-CCNA-A+ )

Win95 Site

Nt Workstation

Novell Home

Windows 2000

Apple (MAC)

WinDrivers (#1 Windows 3.1, 95, NT drivers Resource Page)
WindowsNT Internals (NT & Win95, Info,Soucres, & Utilities)
Driver HQ(Drivers of video, CD roms, bios, printers, nic scanners etc...)
First Computer (Servers, modems, rams, cards, networks, drives, and media)
Frank's World of Windows (News,95,NT,Drivers,Tips,Hints,Support,Resources)
Paperbits Support Center for Windows NT ( CD-ROM Drives, DisplaysInput Devices,Modems/ISDN,Multimedia,Audio/Video,Networks, PCMCIA PC Cards, Printers,Scanners,SCSI/IDE AdaptersStorage Devices,Others)
Windows95 OSR2 FAQ (If you are using Win95 OSR2 this is the website for FAQ)
IOMEGA Website (Zipe Jaz, Ditto, Bernoulli drives, Info, Drivers, Adapters, PDF Library)
Beverly Hills the 32Bit Download Center (Drivers,Software,Programs & other downlods)

F R E E W A R E / S H A R E W A R E
ScreenSaver Heaven(Over 900 FREE Screen Savers)
DownloadCentral Ultil/Tools (Utilities, web & text publishing, tools etc...)
Bud's Troubleshooter Win98 Page (Shareware,FAQ,Utilities,Apps,Tips,Misc)

Chu's Page(Many downloadable anti-virus programs/FAQ/info)
Security(Firewalls,Systems,ANTI-VIRUS,Soft/Hardware,Companies )

Epson (The world of Epson)
Canon (The WWW Canon Home Page)
Hewlett Packard (Drivers & Support)
Panasonic (The website for Panasonic USA)
Printers (Additional print driver sites w/company, products & links)
PenguinK's Page (Companies/Drivers (Print drivers, hard to find ones, info & other links)

Compaq( Tech support site for Compaq)
Dell Corporation(Tech support site for Dell Computers)

Mac via AOL (Ftp site for MAC, Driver,Info and more...)
Everything MACINTOSH (Dedicated for Mac only)
Best Mac Web Sites (Alot of Mac websites and links)
The Utimate Macintosh (The best Mac links on the Web)
Absolute Mac ( News, Inquiry Center, Buying Tips, Shopping Center, etc.)

Computer Networking - Everthing you like to know about Networks


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